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Fourie Stott Property Specialists Stuart Fourie

Stuart Fourie – Director

Fourie Stott Property Specialists Vicky Stott

Vicky Stott – Director

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Marchelle Botha – Associate

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Louise Whittal – Associate

Our conveyancing team collectively has more than 40 years’ experience in providing conveyancing services and property-related legal advice.

As property specialists, we assist clients with residential and commercial transfers, developments, sectional title issues, bonds and general conveyancing work such as consolidations and sub-divisions of land. We also assist with the drafting and/or review of sale agreements and advice in respect of any offers received from, or to be made by, a buyer.

Where we are the appointed conveyancers for a matter, some of the other services we offer as part of the conveyancing process are:

  • Signing of documents at a convenient location;
  • Weekly updates & reports;
  • Experienced & qualified professionals;
  • Friendly & approachable service.

Conveyancing Costs and Useful Information

The fees charged by conveyancers for transfers of immovable property are based on the recommended fee guidelines issued from time to time. It is important for both seller and buyer to know what costs may be involved so that they can budget accordingly.

Seller’s Costs

In a typical transfer the seller will usually pay the following:

  • Costs of cancelling any existing bonds or removing any interdicts over the property
  • Bond settlement figures (if applicable)
  • Pro-rata share of the rates (& levies if applicable)
  • Estate agents’ commission (if applicable)
  • Compliance certificates (electrical, gas, electric fence and entomologist) as well as any costs associated with repairs to be effected in order for the certificates to be issued
  • Occupational rental (if the seller stays in occupation after registration of transfer)

Buyer’s Costs

In a typical transfer the buyer will usually pay the following:

  • Conveyancer’s fees and disbursements for the transfer
  • Costs of registration of the bond (if applicable)
  • Transfer duty if the seller is not a Vat Vendor
  • Pro-rata share of rates (& levies if applicable)
  • Occupational rental (if the purchaser takes occupation prior to registration of transfer). Comprehensive guides on conveyancing costs and the transfer process are available here under our “Publications” tab.

Helpful tips for sellers

  • Continue to pay bond instalments, insurance, electricity and water accounts, but not rates.
  • Give notice of cancellation of the bond to your bondholder/bank (an early termination charge may apply if less than 90 days’ notice is given).
  • Make arrangements to contact the municipality about terminating or transferring existing electricity & water accounts.

Helpful tips for Buyers

  • Notify the conveyancer as soon as bond approval has been obtained (if applicable).
  • On registration of transfer, you will need to open an electricity and water account with the municipality. Contact the conveyancers to find out more regarding the municipality’s requirements.
  • Budget for the transfer and bond costs and your bond repayment instalments by using the conveyancing costs calculator on our website. For more information & access to our free conveyancing costs calculator, click here.

For more information on these and other property-related queries, contact one of our property specialists today or download our brochure.