We publish newsletters from time to time on issues which we feel will be relevant to our clients. Below are the newsletters published to date. Clients will be notified when further newsletters are added to the website. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please let us know.


Newsletter 1 – Helping Your Executor Wind Up Your Estate After Your Death
Newsletter 2 – Conversion of a Share Block to Sectional Title
Newsletter 3 – Trusts – A Basic Guide
Newsletter 4 – Conveyancing – The Transfer Process
Newsletter 5 – Conveyancing – Transfer Costs
Newsletter 6 – Powers of Attorney
Newsletter 7 – Sellers Beware
Newsletter 8  – Affordability Assessments in terms of the NCA
Newsletter 9 – Resolutions and Authority under the 2008 Companies Act
Newsletter 10 – Living Wills
Newsletter 11 – Testamentary Marital Exclusion Clauses
 Newsletter 12– Antenuptial Contracts
Newsletter 13 – Electric Fence Clearance Certificates
Newsletter 14 – Contracting with a Trust
Newsletter 15 – Compliance Certificates
Newsletter 16 – Zero-Rating for VAT
Newsletter 17 – FICA and Property Transactions
Newsletter 18 – Notarial Authentication of Documents
Newsletter 19 – Rouwkoop and Penalty Clauses in Sale Agreements
Newsletter 20 – Sale Agreements
Newsletter 21 – Sectional Title – Tenants
Newsletter 22 – Donating All or Part of your Body on your Death
Newsletter 23 – Retention and Use of Personal Information (POPI)
Newsletter 24 – Voetstoots Clauses
Newsletter 25 – Ethics
Newsletter-26 – Eviction Proceedings
Newsletter 27 – VAT Increase and Immovable Property Transactions



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