Labour law

Our Labour Law practice offers employers an all-inclusive service to assist employers in ensuring that they are protected and compliant in respect of their most important resource – their employees. Based on the specific needs of your business we can assist with the drafting and implementation of all relevant and required internal policies and procedures, disciplinary codes and/or an Employee Handbook together with the relevant employment contracts which you may require, be it permanent, part-time, fixed-term, or commission-based contracts. We can also assist in conducting an audit on your personnel files to ensure that there are no shortcomings and bridge the gap should it be necessary.

We can assist with internal hearings, be it a disciplinary, poor work performance or incapacity hearing or a grievance. Our assistance can take the form of advice or we can assist in chairing the hearing/s as an independent, neutral and objective third party.  Should you be faced with potential retrenchments/restructuring and/or strike action, be sure to contact us to ensure that the correct procedure is followed from the outset of the process. Ordinarily, our services are charged on a per hour basis, however, we do also offer packages (for clients who may have significant or regular need of Labour Law assistance) in a modular format so that the client can choose what his/her/its needs are. We can also assist and represent employees who have been treated unfairly in the workplace, be it wrongful dismissal, retrenchment, unfair labour practice etc.

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