Conveyancing is the aspect of Property Law which involves the transfer of immovable property. Our comprehensive Conveyancing Guide is available free of charge to all clients who entrust us with the transfer of their property. We also have newsletters on our website dealing with aspects of property transfers and a handy brochure on conveyancing costs which you can access here.

A typical transfer process starts with a sale agreement. We can assist clients with the negotiation of certain terms in the sale agreement, and thereafter with all aspects of the transfer process, including:

  • Obtaining FICA documents for both parties
  • Instructing specialists to attend to compliance certificates (electrical, entomologist, gas and electric fence)
  • Obtaining rates clearance certificate, levy clearance certificate (if applicable), Homeowners Association consent and transfer duty receipt
  • Liaising with bond cancellation and bond registration attorneys regarding guarantees to be issued
  • Arranging for lodgement of the transfer documents in the Deeds Office

We ensure that every transfer entrusted to us is handled as professionally and efficiently as possible, keeping the parties informed of progress on a regular basis.

We have expertise in other types of transfers, including:

  • Deceased estate transfers
  • Sheriff transfers
  • Partition transfers
  • Rectification transfers
  • Transfers pursuant to a divorce

We are also able to assist clients with:

  • Registering private bonds
  • Advice on property and conveyancing related matters.
  • Advice on shareblocks and sectional titles
  • Consolidations and Subdivisions