Family Law Matters

Strife in a family is always stressful and emotional. At Fourie Stott, our intention is to provide quality service to clients, aimed at resolving family law matters as amicably and cost-effectively as possible in the circumstances.

Our family law specialist

Claire Delport has extensive experience in dealing with family law matters, ranging from:

  • uncontested to contested divorces,
  • Rule 43 applications (to provide for interim arrangements pending the finalisation of the divorce),
  • maintenance applications (increases/decreases/variations and/or discharges of existing maintenance orders),
  • resolving custody and contract disputes,
  • rights of unmarried fathers,
  • negotiating parenting plans,
  • adoptions,
  • paternity disputes and
  • domestic violence applications.

We do not believe in engaging in protracted litigation for years on end, as we do not believe this is in anyone’s best interests.  We will always use our best efforts to encourage a fair and reasonable settlement which is in the best interests of all parties concerned.

Should you require any assistance, please contact Claire Delport on 031 266 2530, alternatively please have a look at our website for more details on our family law department.