For many businesses, times have been tough since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and employers have had to focus on cash flow to keep their businesses alive. Employers have also had to help employees to adjust to a new (sometimes remote) working environment and, in some cases, the looming spectre of retrenchment. In this tension between managing finances and keeping employees happy and productive, labour problems have come up. How does one navigate through these issues well to ensure smooth sailing?

Employees are the lifeblood of any business but dealing with labour-related issues can be a nightmare for many employers.  Why do you need to handle these issues alone? Let us help you.  Our labour specialist can come to your premises for a consultation to understand the industry within which you operate, and your business specifically, and, if necessary, to assist with the following while you focus on cash flow and steering the ship:

  1. conducting an employment compliance audit to identify and remedy any shortfalls;
  2. providing you with an employment contract template specific to your needs;
  3. drafting or updating internal policies and procedures, including a Code of Conduct, Employee Handbook and Disciplinary Code;
  4. chairing of disciplinary hearings, poor performance and incapacity hearings as well as chairing internal grievances;
  5. drafting a mutual separation agreement;
  6. assisting you with retrenchment procedures, and implementing short time procedures;
  7. dealing with union negotiations and strike action;
  8. representing you at the CCMA, Bargaining Council and Labour Court; and
  9. training you and your management on the above.

These are unprecedented times for many businesses, and consulting a labour specialist to help address any complications that arise amongst employees can go a long way to ensuring smooth sailing for your business. Let us help you navigate these turbulent waters! Should you require more information about the above services, kindly contact Claire Delport on 031 266 2530 or #peoplematter