Property sales took off like a rocket last year as interest rates were reduced and travel plans scuppered as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. You might be thinking about buying property during Covid-19 yourself.

It is yet to be seen how long this trend will continue, but current interest rates and restrictions on global movement appear to be set in for 2021. If you would like to read more, see Pam Golding’s Garry Meston’s commentary on current property trends and Dr Andrew Golding’s insights on the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the buying trends of the various generations.

If you are thinking about or are already buying or selling immovable property, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by a sudden onslaught of information to retain and forms to complete. We hope that our newsletters breaking down the transfer process (from signature of the sale agreement to registration of transfer in the Deeds Office), transfer costs, compliance certificates, FICA and various other aspects will be of value to you in demystifying the transfer process.

Our role as conveyancers usually starts once the sale agreement is signed and finishes once the transfer is registered in the Deeds Office, however, Private Property’s Seller’s Guide and Buyer’s Guide are good resources for the ancillary aspects relating to the sale or purchase of immovable property from when you first start thinking about it until the moving vans have left.

If you need any help with your sale agreement or property transfer, we will gladly guide you. Contact Marchelle at or 031 266 2530. #peoplematter